Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ross Douthat is ON today...

...when he talks about the mistakes of the so-called meritocracy, using Jon Corzine's meltdown as an example. He could also be talking about Hank Paulson or Ben Bernanke or....Barack Obama.

The lesson is simple:

What you see in today’s Republican primary campaign is a reaction to exactly these kinds of follies — a revolt against the ruling class that our meritocracy has forged, and a search for outsiders with thinner résumés but better instincts.

But from Michele Bachmann to Herman Cain, the outsiders haven’t risen to the challenge. It will do America no good to replace the arrogant with the ignorant, the overconfident with the incompetent.

In place of reckless meritocrats, we don’t need feckless know-nothings. We need intelligent leaders with a sense of their own limits, experienced people whose lives have taught them caution. We still need the best and brightest, but we need them to have somehow learned humility along the way.

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