Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chris Christie's Announcement speech

Jen Rubin at the Washington Post challenged her readers to write the opening paragraph of Chris Christie's presidential announcement - if, of course, he decides to run, and I'm not sure he will. But I couldn't resist entering my offering, and here it is:

"Thank you for the invitation to speak to you today. Two years and 10 months ago, we elected as president a man whose prodigious oratorical gifts inspired millions of voters, particularly those who had reason to believe that they had little influence in the election of an American president.

Unfortunately, the President’s oratory skills did not translate into good public policy. More Americans are unemployed today than they were three years ago. Our debt, which was high when he took office, is even higher – so much that it threatens not just our financial security, but also our national security. Our foreign policy is incoherent, and our energy policy is designed to enrich governments who do not – to say the least – have our interests at heart. It is true that the President inherited a mess. Unfortunately, he made it worse. And while I admire and respect the men and women who are running for the Republican nomination, I am concerned that they are not addressing the full range of issues that we confront.

I have watched the impact of the President’s political and governing philosophy in my own state with dismay, but as a first-term governor, I have felt that it was too soon to offer myself as a solution. I even threatened to commit suicide! But as Edward de Bono said, “if you can’t change your mind, why have one?” So I want you fine folks to be the first to know: I now offer myself as a candidate for President of the United States. And with your help, I will win."

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