Friday, September 23, 2011

Whoah! Maybe I DO want this job

Well, after last night's debate, apparently New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (see how fast I learned how to do links on this blog?) may be changing his mind. The source is Newsmax, which is not exactly a "major" news service, although that doesn't mean they're wrong. But if the rumor is true.....why break it on Newsmax? Why not the Weekly Standard, whose editor Bill Kristol has been pushing for Christie to enter the race for some time?

And I like Chris Christie - he's a straight shooter who. But remember: a lot of people thought Rick Perry was that kind of guy, but after last night the number of people who still think that way has decreased. And then there's Fred Thompson in 2008. He's selling insurance. I can't remember what kind it is, but I don't need it. At least, not yet.

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